About Us

From Source to Shelf

Caanu is a bespoke cannabis product portfolio that stems from Afriplex’s deep rooted history in African botanicals. Afriplex, as the first licensed cannabis processor in South Africa, proudly offers our clients the very best product solutions in the industry.

Plant Cultivation

With strong emphasis on reliable quality and sustainability, Afriplex invests in agricultural cultivation to ensure the supply of African indigenous
products to our clients

Research and Development

With emphasis on safety and efficacy, we are continuously conceptualising, testing and developing novel and commercially viable products for our local and international clients

Product Manufacturing

By applying cGMP principles, we are advancing to become one of the forerunners in GMP compliant manufacturing


By utilising the resources and expertise we have developed as a product manufacturer, we are able to provide certain functions in the supply chain as stand-alone services


Afriplex complies with 8 different certification entities, ensuring industry leading quality standards.


CAANU Medical Cannabis


CAANU Medical Cannabis


CAANU Medical Cannabis


CAANU Medical Cannabis


CAANU Medical Cannabis


CAANU Medical Cannabis


CAANU Medical Cannabis


CAANU Medical Cannabis

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